Client case studies

Learn how clients, and their customers, benefit from NLX's Conversational AI technology.
Agent-free customer service
Schedule Appointment

NLX offered Zeel a quick automated, personalized solution for patients to schedule appointments using the Conversations by NLX platform.

Zeel’s patients can now complete their intake forms efficiently and begin their care and services, without the need to contact a customer service representative.

B2B Customer Self-Service
Account Balance & Order Status

As COVID-19 restrictions lifted in 2022, Mon Cheri experienced a major uptick in business as orders began flooding in. The dramatic uptick in business resulted in a major uptick in customer inquiries to Mon Cheri’s call center, resulting in long hold times and customer frustration.

Mon Cheri was able to take the pressure off of its call center by transforming its customer contact into 24/7 self-service experiences with Conversations by NLX.

Web Chat
Fast Online Answers

As a major B2C player in the online health & wellness supplement industry, TriVita was looking for ways to improve their customers' online experience - specifically in getting questions answered quickly.

NLX helped TriVita expand its service hours, reduce wait times, and improve its customer experience by building out a web chat solution, powered by Conversations by NLX. The chatbot currently handles nearly 15 use cases, including finding member ID, tracking the order status, other FAQ-style questions, etc.

Transformative Customer Self-Service

Our airline clients

Passenger Flight Alerts

How Copa Airlines informs 50,000+ passengers of flight changes in less than ten minutes.

Password Reset

Learn how LifeMiles powers fast, efficient password reset with Voice Compass® by NLX.

Crew IROPs Updates

How Copa Airlines informs crew members of disruptions to their flights.
Teledentistry partnership


Enhanced Patient Support

Thanks to Wisdom Ai, Library Park Dental was able to take the pressure off of it’s front desk while better serving its patients. With no setup fees and a month-to-month subscription plan, Wisdom Ai offered Library Park Dental a cost-effective way to automate routine tasks. Practice staff can now focus on high-value tasks like presenting treatment plans to patients and calculating and collecting copayments.

Multilingual Front Desk Service

NLX is under the hood of the helpful new virtual assistant “Wisdom Ai” being implemented in dental offices and insurance companies across The United States. Discover Smiles Dental provides services to patients who speak both English and Spanish. Learn how Wisdom.Ai is helping this Las Vegas dental clinic address patient needs in their language with no wait time.

Voice-Based Assistance

Thanks to Wisdom Ai, Smile Designers of Las Vegas was able to take the pressure off of its front desk while better serving its patients. With Wisdom Ai’s 24/7 answering services capable of scheduling or modifying an appointment, answering simple FAQs, and requesting emergency services, Smile Designers of Las Vegas’ staff can now focus on high-value tasks.