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The Showroom:
Behind the Scenes

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How we built The Showroom

The Showroom was crafted using NLX's no-code Conversations by NLX platform, where teams can universally build, deploy, and update automated conversations in rapid response to changing conditions indicated in the analytics.

Backed by AWS, NLX's conversational platform easily integrates with all of the services already active in your AWS account, like Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex, and Amazon Pinpoint, saving your team time and money.

You can begin building your own custom self-service experience using the same tools that created The Showroom today.

Why we built The Showroom

Businesses need a faster, more effective way to improve the customer support experience - while combatting irregular operations and random spikes in demand - without hiring more staff, straining call centers, going over budget, or taking months to implement an automated system.

Our solution makes it easy and cost-effective to create your own realistic, end-to-end multimodal, multichannel customer self-service experience on NLX's fully qualified Conversational AI platform.

The Showroom is our proof. Start building your first chat, voice, and/or multimodal self-service conversations for free in minutes today!

Making the connection

Tailored to fit your business

Leverage customer data

We pulled relevant data into The Showroom to demonstrate its personalization capabilities. You can do the same by connecting variables within the conversation flow to your systems of record to deliver the same level of personalization.

Incorporate your brand

Branding The Showroom in accordance with AWS guidelines was easy thanks to NLX's flexible platform. NLX's solution can make your Marketing Team happy and ensure each step of your experience reflects your valuable brand.

Easy AWS integrations

We connected The Showroom with AWS services like Amazon Lex, Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex, and Amazon Pinpoint in minutes. Integrations are as easy as a few clicks and copy-paste.

Platform benefits

No Code

Conversations by NLX makes it easy for technical and non-technical users to design, manage, and analyze all of their conversations in one place.


It's free to begin building out your first voice, chat, and/or multimodal conversation with NLX. Our pay-as-you-go pricing means you only pay for what you use. No traffic, no problem.


Our cloud-based platform takes advantage of proven, industry-leading infrastructure that allows brands scale instantly with customer service demand.


At NLX, we start by focusing on creating the best end-user experience and work backward to make it possible for brands to easily and quickly bring their self-service ideas to life.
Cost-effective Self-Service
Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Only pay for what you use! NLX's unique usage-based model ensures every penny is well-spent, offering you a cost-effective way to improve your brand's customer service that scales according to your customer demand.

You can get started designing your Conversations by NLX for free - you won't be charged until you start sending traffic to the Conversation flow.

Get started

There's no cost to begin building chat, voice, and multimodal Conversations by NLX. Subscribe to Conversations by NLX on the AWS Marketplace now to get started.
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The Showroom

What is The Showroom?

The Showroom is an interactive multimodal experience that puts you in the customer's shoes, allowing you to experience what best-in-class personalized self-service looks like in various use cases. Test drive what end-to-end automated customer multimodal conversations look like on a fully qualified Conversational AI platform, illustrated through use cases like manage flight, replace card, password reset, and school absence. The Showroom is the ultimate demonstration of Conversations by NLX, your gateway into the NLX ecosystem that provides access to our applications, unified billing, and user management.

How do I signup?

Sign up to begin creating Conversations by NLX through the AWS Marketplace by clicking the button below.

What's the cost for signing up?

NLX's and AWS' pay-as-you-go business model means you only pay for what you use. You can begin designing your conversations for free on the NLX platform, and only pay when you begin sending traffic to the flow.

How is billing handled?

Billing is centralized for all apps through Conversations By NLX using the AWS Marketplace or through monthly invoices, depending on your volume and preference.

Is the platform secure?

Yes. NLX's technology platform is SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant. We follow industry best practices for handling, storing, and processing data. We also employ industry best practices to provide access control to our software and systems.

What are your data sharing policies?

We do not and will not share your data with any other party. Routinely, we analyze anonymized data sets solely for the purpose of improving our service. For a full list of terms and policies, please take a look at our Privacy Policy.