Why NLX?

There is a lot of noise in the conversational AI and chatbot space.
Here's why we are different:

Explainable AI

Contrary to the market, NLX is NOT an opaque black box, sprinkled with "AI" magic. We take a pragmatic approach to AI and use a proven blend of state-of-the-art machine learning models and systems engineering to put forward a robust, yet transparent automated experience.

Built-in Analytics & Insights

Just like running successful web and mobile applications, running a successful conversational application requires the right set of analytics. You need it to make sense of how your customers are using your product, as well as to make data-driven decisions on how to improve it.


We know the importance of integrating with your existing corporate systems, so we addressed it. NLX can integrate straightforwardly with any one of your systems, whether they're SQL, noSQL, APIs, or mainframes.

Secure & Compliant by Design

Our product was built to address the most stringent enterprise requirements. NLX comes equiped with a series of functionality that ensure you can deliver the best experience, without compromising security and compliance.

NLX Studio

Our core product is a management layer for everything related to your conversational applications, from building and training, to deployment and analytics.

Conversation Tree Builder

Build Code-Free

Take advantage of our powerful content management tool, which allows you to design conversations visually, without the need for programming.

Conversation History

Deploy to Any Channel

Conversational bots built with NLX can operate across any channel of interaction from text to voice, to social channels to custom integrations.


Insights & Analytics

NLX captures real-time trends and analytics throughout conversations across every channel, so you can have peace of mind and focus on data-driven decision making.

Bring Your Own NLP


Choose any of the top NLP providers, such as Amazon Lex, Dialogflow, or Wit.ai. This allows you to use what's best for your business.


We've answered a few questions that people tend to ask us. If there's something we missed, please get in touch. We'd be more than happy to answer any lingering questions — or even better, show you a demo!

What is NLX?

NLX is an enterprise-grade conversational AI bot building and management platform. Using our product you can deploy immersive conversational applications across multiple channels of interaction and monitor their usage, in a single unified platform.

"NL" is a common prefix for abbreviations in the conversational AI space. Specifically, there is NLP, short for Natural Language Processing, NLU(nderstanding), NLG(eneration), and so on. We came up with NLX since our product aims to address just about every major component related to the Natural Language computer science field.

NLX addresses the needs of several business stakeholders. Just like running an enterprise website would require a product owner, a content manager, a technical team etc., the same applies to conversational applications. Therefore, NLX was designed to be used by both business and technical users, each with their respective roles and responsibilities within the platform.

Our product is industry and use case agnostic, so if you'd like to learn more about how conversational automation can help your business, please get in touch.

We define a conversational application as any type of software application that a user can engage with through conversation in a human-like fashion. In other words, any type of application that a human being can talk to naturally, over voice or text. Colloquially, you'll find that a subset of these applications are called chatbots.

Yes, you can. Using NLX you build and manage conversational applications, which colloquially are called chatbots, for the most frequent use cases.

No, you do not. You can build end to end conversational applications with NLX without programming.

You do not, but it will help if you're trying to connect to your internal systems. If you do not have engineers available to do these integrations, that's ok — we work with a series of integrations partners who can get you through the process swiftly.

Yes, you certainly can. NLX has pre-defined integration interfaces that can ultimately be connected to any system of record, including mainframes.