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Travel & Hospitality

Give your guests the platinum status experience.

Make travel stress disappear by empowering your guests to create their own solutions in ways that are faster, more satisfying, and more cost-effective than ever before. NLX conversational self-service automation combines the best of AI and human support, resulting in efficient and frustration-free customer interactions.

Automated topics:

  • check in
  • upgrade seat
  • check flight status
  • pet policy
  • lost baggage
  • Automate

    Deliver an automated, secure, and integrated customer self-service journey for account management, logistical, and transactional tasks like upgrading seats, requesting a price quote, or checking in.

  • Get personal

    Everyone’s passport is different. Integrate with all your systems of record to personalize the customer experience and increase customer loyalty.

  • Go mobile

    We are ready for take-off! Give customers access to your products and services from anywhere, whether they are in the office or car, or comfortable at home.


Drive down wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

From quotes on repairs to routine maintenance, NLX's comprehensive, low-code approach allows both technical and nontechnical teams to quickly design, build, and manage all their customer conversations in one place.

Automated topics:

  • get a quote
  • schedule maintenance
  • pay bill
  • maintenance status

Health & Wellness

Build stronger relationships with your customers.

A healthy business starts with great customer service. NLX empowers a brand’s customers to resolve their own inquiries at their own pace -- with no wait time. Plus, measure your customer service success by reviewing historical data and analytics, built into each NLX product.

Automated topics:

  • order status
  • return policy
  • reset password


Deliver 24/7 satisfying customer service.

Build brand loyalty and trust with automated, personalized customer self-service. Customers are empowered to resolve their own inquiries at their own pace, whenever and wherever they like. From returns to order tracking, customers can skip the line to get answers to their inquiries fast.

Automated topics:

  • reset password
  • bill pay
  • order status
  • order tracking
  • giftcard balance

Everything Else

Automate and personalize B2C, B2B, & B2E self-service.

NLX is industry-agnostic, because delivering satisfying customer service is part of every business. No matter which industry you're a part of, NLX can help you easily create and manage automated and personalized voice, chat, and multimodal self-service customer conversations. Our low-code platform makes it easy for technical and non-technical people to design the ultimate customer experience for your brand.

Automated topics:

  • replace card
  • bill pay
  • check balance
  • reset password
  • open credit card
  • security notifications
  • Automate

    Deliver an automated, secure, and integrated customer self-service journey for account management, logistical, and transactional tasks such as replacing cards, checking a balance, or resetting passwords.

  • Get personal

    In this competitive banking market, customers want to feel their unique needs are met. Integrate with all your systems of record to personalize the client experience, to increase customer loyalty and secure success.

  • Go mobile

    Money and account management from anywhere, anytime. Give customers access to your products and services whether they are in the office, a car, or just comfortable at home.

Our Solutions

Curious how NLX can improve your customer support?

What’s multimodal and how does it work?

Multimodal conversations combine two or more modalities - such as voice, text, images, and video - into a single, richer interactive experience. The outcome is an automated, customer self-service journey where customers don’t have to wait for service, they can move at their own pace, and they get the satisfaction of resolving the issue themselves without frustration.

It's a new class of customer self-service, and it works.


Conversations by NLX

Chat & Voice
Dialog Studio by NLX gives users no-code UX access to the NLX platform to power best-in-class Chat and Voice conversations that can be published across multiple channels and integrate securely with any enterprise system.
Voice Compass by NLX is a multimodal conversational application that uniquely combines Voice with Digital assets to deliver a rich, self-paced, and voice-guided journey automating support tasks that normally require live agent handling.
Voice Insights for Amazon Connect by NLX enables better understanding and insights of ‘human’ calls and extends the NLX platform’s conversation-first analytics and reporting capabilities into the call center.

We think about the best user experience and go backward from there to make it happen.

A new generation of solutions

Built from imagination - to work better

Scaleable and right-sized

Technology, tooling, language capabilities, and pricing models are proven to be just as right-sized and ready for small organizations as for global enterprise deployments -- in as many languages as you can count.

Delivery measured in days

Low and no code design tools, baked-in best practices, and automated training with AI gets your app up and running in days, not months, at a fraction of the cost associated with previous generations of solutions.

Imagination sets the limit

All NLX technologies have been built from our imagination of how things should work, not from the limits of what the toolset can do today. It’s different than what you’re used to seeing. It’s a better experience with fewer limits.
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