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AI at the edge

Deploy and run conversational AI applications at the edge, with limited or no internet connectivity.

Voice-enabled wearables

Enable voice interaction for wearable devices in healthcare, defense, and other industries.

Voice-guided self-service

Deliver voice-guided servicing journeys to enhance the customer experience and increase automation.

Smart IVR

Deliver call automation using free-form speech, without having to listen to "menu options that changed".

Managed Alexa Skills

Deploy and analyze fully-managed Amazon Alexa Skills for the Travel and Hospitality industry.

Cross-channel automation

Secure and compliant automated solutions that can work across multiple channels.

Next-Generation Conversational AI
powered by NLX

NLX Engine
NLX Engine

Product Suite

NLX Studio

NLX Studio Conversation Tree

Build and manage conversational AI applications without programming.

Addresses all aspects of conversational applications, from conversation logic & training, to authentication & analytics.

Voice Insights

Voice Insights Product

Advanced voice analytics and reporting for Amazon Connect contact centers.

Integrates with NLX Studio to provide the full picture of the customer interaction.

Voice Compass

Voice Compass Product

Multi-channel AI solution for personalized, self-service customer journeys.

Automates complex processes in a unique & elegant way, that otherwise would require a human agent.

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