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Your end-to-end platform for creating, managing, and analyzing all your customer conversations

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What is Conversations by NLX?

Conversations by NLX is an end-to-end no-code platform for building, managing, and analyzing all customer conversations in one centralized place.

The platform enables brands to create personalized voice, chat, and multimodal conversations, all in one place.

Plus, with built-in reporting and analytics, teams can adjust conversations according to real-time qualitative and quantitative customer feedback to improve the customer experience.

Why Conversations by NLX?

While customers are experiencing best-in-class self-service, Conversations by NLX is also a win for employees and company stakeholders.

On the back-end, the no-code platform makes building, managing, and analyzing all your automated conversations easy for both technical and non-technical users. Building and editing conversations is as easy as dragging, dropping, and typing.

The SaaS platform easily integrates with all your channels, systems, and unique business processes, so there's no need to hire a third party or a team to get started. Plus, with NLX's usage-based business model, brands can scale their automation according to demand while only paying for what is used.

Platform benefits

No Code

Conversations by NLX makes it easy for technical and non-technical users to design, manage, and analyze all of their conversations in one place.


It's free to begin building out your first voice, chat, and/or multimodal conversation with NLX. Our pay-as-you-go pricing means you only pay for what you use. No traffic, no problem.


Our cloud-based platform takes advantage of proven, industry-leading infrastructure that allows brands scale instantly with customer service demand.


At NLX, we start by focusing on creating the best end-user experience and work backward to make it possible for brands to easily and quickly bring their self-service ideas to life.

No Contracts

Easy-in and easy-out. We believe the value of Conversations by NLX should tie directly to the monthly value you receive. We're that confident in our platform that you'll want to stay.
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Conversations by NLX

What is Conversations by NLX?

Conversations by NLX™ is your gateway into the NLX ecosystem that provides access into our applications, unified billing, and user management.

What type of access do I get after I register?

By registering for Conversations by NLX you will get access to Voice Compass and Dialog Studio. If you're interested in gaining access to you call center analytics through Voice Insights, please contact

How many users are allowed on Conversations by NLX?

There currently is no limit on the number of users allowed to be registered under one account.

Do I need to pay a subscription fee to continue accessing all NLX has to offer?

NLX is usage-based, so you only pay for what you use. Our current pricing is as follows. Multimodal - $0.25 per conversational unit. Chat/Voice - $0.20 per conversational unit.

How is billing for NLX apps handled?

Billing is centralized for all apps through Conversations By NLX using the AWS Marketplace or through monthly invoices, depending on your volume and preference.

Is Conversations by NLX secure?

Yes. NLX's technology platform is SOC 2 compliant. We follow industry best practices for handling, storing, and processing data. We also employ industry best practices to providing access control to our software and systems.

What are your data sharing policies?

We do not and will not share your data with any other party. Routinely, we analyze anonymized data sets solely for the purpose of improving our service. For a full list of terms and policies, please take a look at our Privacy Policy.