Dialog Studio by NLX

Design and manage voice and online chat conversations using AI at scale, without programming.
Dialog Studio
A tool that puts you in control

Dialog Studio by NLX is an online application that allows you to centrally design and manage all aspects of your Chat and Voice conversations, including conversation logic, training, authentication, analytics, and deployment across any channel.

With Dialog Studio, you can minimize your time to market, easily integrate your existing systems, and deploy across any channel of interaction — all while staying in control of the experience.

Power of the platform

Whether providing answers to simple queries or providing deep, contextual responses, Chat and Voice conversations built in Dialog Studio have the power and flexibility to meet your unique demands. Dialog Studio integrates with the NLX Engine, a powerful and comprehensive Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine that can handle conversations of any complexity, across any channel, at scale.

AWS and Amazon Connect Partner

NLX is a certified APN Advanced Technology Partner as well as an official technology partner of Amazon Connect. Our expertise is vetted by AWS and our product, architecture, and Amazon Connect integration have been validated by the Amazon Connect team.

Business Benefits

Agility and multichannel control


Personalize unique response content for every user and every channel. Implement tailored use cases using our low-level APIs.


Build professional, immersive conversational experiences without programming. Be wherever your users are and deploy to any channel of interaction, including voice.


Integrate seamlessly with your existing corporate systems and data sources. Achieve peace of mind by authenticating users in conversation, seamlessly and securely.


Get real-time trends and analytics across every channel to empower data-driven decision making. Monitor customer interactions across every channel.

What our customers say

"[Our project] ended up being a very complex, customer-centric experience. [With NLX, we were able to] call all the countries in the Americas and launch and deploy 50,000 transactions in less than 10 minutes... all done with a few simple clicks on the platform, no coding. We were very surprised at how easy it was to set up."

—Irene Pascal, Copa Airlines

"NLX Studio is an innovative product with world-class support. We highly recommend NLX."

—Ben, Affinity

"We observed a number of NLP-powered solutions before choosing NLX. [NLX is] really outstanding from the very start - it takes only 5 minutes to deploy, no coding, no paperwork, etc. The team is always responding in less than 30 minutes and they can tailor their NLX solutions exactly to your needs. NLX is really creating value for our business and we are enjoying it."

—Terentii, Webvork

No contracts. AI Automation is included. All usage based.

Dialog Studio by NLX powers Chat and Voice conversation types, with each conversation being up to 20 utterances*

Usage cost = $0.20 per conversation

Example of one utterance:
[Customer] - What time does the pool open?
[Chat/Voice Response] - Our pool is open from 6am to 9pm

*Or 10 mins, whichever comes first


Dialog Studio

How do I get started with Dialog Studio?

Sign up for Dialog Studio using Conversations by NLX or the AWS Marketplace. Once you're logged in, select our "Guided Documentation" from the left side menu, which will answer all your questions on how to design and keep up with your conversations.

Can I build chatbots using your platform?

Yes, you can. Using Dialog Studio you can build and manage conversational applications for any channel, including chat (hence the term 'chatbot'). You can also build voice-based applications such as Alexa skills or smart phone call assistants.

Do I need to know how to program to use Dialog Studio?

Dialog Studio is a low code conversational AI application end-to-end. Don't believe it? Check out this tutorial on how you can use Dialog Studio to build a meeting scheduling assistant:

Do I need software engineers to use your product?

You do not, but it will help if you are trying to integrate with your internal systems. If you do not have engineers available to do these integrations, that's ok — we work with a series of integrations partners who can get you up to speed swiftly. Check them out here:

Can I connect bots to my company's data sources?

Yes, you certainly can. Dialog Studio has pre-defined webhook interfaces that can ultimately be connected to any digital system of record, including mainframes.

What languages does Dialog Studio support?

Dialog Studio is language agnostic. It supports a wide range of languages depending on the channel of interaction and/or the NLP engine that you select.

Does Dialog Studio provide real-time analytics?

We provide real-time analytics for all applications deployed using Dialog Studio. You can see both analytics as well as the conversation history between your customers and your conversational applications.

Is Dialog Studio secure?

Yes! NLX's technology platform is SOC 2 compliant. We follow industry best practices for handling, storing, and processing data. We also employ industry best practices to provide access control to our software and systems. To read more about what we do to keep your data and information safe, please read more in our dedicated section on Security in our Guided Documentation.
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