Hybrid Conversational Experience

This episode of BuildWithNLX goes through enhancing an existing website with a conversational experience

Vlad Papancea

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This episode in the #BuildWithNLX series is a hybrid conversational experience.

One of our customers was looking for an AI bot that interacts with their website to empower customer #selfservice. Thanks to #NLX Studio, this is straightforward.

If you are looking for experiences just like this one and more, get in touch via contact@nlx.ai or by visiting https://nlx.ai.

The showcased website is fictitious and does not bear any relation to real persons or companies.

Vlad Papancea

As CTO, Vlad has overall responsibility for the NLX platform and infrastructure. This includes implementing best practices in areas of engineering operations, security, monitoring, analytics and automation.

He ran terabyte-scale data pipelines to facilitate AI-powered risk underwriting at Argo Group. He established DevOps standards for deploying new products on AWS, while migrating legacy applications to the new prescribed architecture. Furthermore, he created reusable frameworks and pipelines for both actuaries and data scientists to deploy their statistical and machine learning models to the cloud, in production.

When he’s not hacking away on all things data, Vlad cooks Michelin-grade dishes — we dare you ask for photos.

He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Knox College.