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NLX offers multiple services to help airlines improve the customer experience

Julie Campbell

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They say in life it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. But in travel we just want to get to our destination stress-free. Air travel, especially in the age of COVID-19 restrictions and changes, brings with it a slew of potential customer service hitches in the journey. 

And yet, the travel boom is upon us. 68% of Americans say they are now highly open to travel, a 7% increase over the course of just two weeks. With an increase in travel comes an increase in  call center contacts and customer service requests.

NLX is ready. To help address the increase in customer service needs and keep call center workloads manageable while staffing shortages abound, NLX has created a suite of frictionless and automated multimodal customer service solutions to ease the way for all airline passengers. 

Conversations by NLX offers airlines automated customer self-service solutions that passengers can use to handle an array of travel issues, minus the stress. Bringing tasks that normally require live-agent handling into a conversational AI application, NLX allows airline customers to easily and independently change or upgrade seats, find lost baggage, check in, check flight status, check travel advisories, learn of destination travel restrictions, and so much more. Where these services are already available on a website or mobile app today, NLX enhances the overall customer experience through automated and personalized voice guidance.

Conversations by NLX enables comprehensive build, manage, and monitoring functions for non-technical users, while Voice Compass by NLX leverages the full strength of the NLX platform to create multimodal self-service customer wins. 

Spend some time with the Voice Compass demo to walk through customer service use case scenarios and see why the global AI market in the airline industry is expected to reach USD 2.2 Billion by 2025. Conversational AI is the future of customer interaction and NLX delivers best-in-class, multimodal customer journeys for airlines, personalizing the customer experience and increasing loyalty. 

NLX is revolutionizing the travel industry. Don’t miss the connection.

Julie Campbell

Julie is our Social Media & Online Marketing Manager ensuring that NLX is seen, heard and understood in the digisphere.

As a former freelancer, she used her creative talents, digital design and photography skills to help numerous small businesses in both California and Washington State rise above the noise and stand out from the crowd to get their brands noticed. Her passion for great design ensures her clients are presented in the best possible light.

When she is not playing her bass guitar in a local black metal band, her creative pursuits extend to alternative printmaking and permaculture gardening.

She attended the Artcenter College of Design and Pasadena City College where she has certifications in Digital Imaging, Studio Lighting and Painting.