NLX Welcomes Fadi Baaklini

Fadi Baaklini joins NLX as Director of Product Management

Doug Bryers

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We’re delighted to announce that Fadi Baaklini has joined NLX as Director of Product Management.

At NLX, Fadi is implementing and managing Agile Process for both project and product management. Using these methods, and working closely with the product team, he is responsible for marshalling the resources of the whole company, as required, to drive two- weekly sprints that deliver enhancement to both Voice Compass® and NLX Studio products.

Fadi, who describes himself as a tech enthusiast, aspiring change agent, and lifetime learner, joins after nearly three years with Deloitte Consulting, has experience of working with both large companies and start-ups, including JP Morgan Asset Management, Raytheon and IHS Markit.

He holds degrees from Roger Williams University, Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and an MBA from George Washington University’s School of Business. He also has military experience and speaks English, Arabic and French. Outside of work, his interests include rugby, soccer (which he describes as “the real football”); football, specifically the Pittsburgh Steelers, and DIY and home improvement, though he sees this as life-long learning.

“Throughout my career, I've worked at many large organizations. The work was interesting, but something was missing. Through the entrepreneurship and innovation classes for my MBA, it became clearer that I wanted to work on the most cutting-edge technology and shape products that leverage technology with agility, and which reflected what the market will be tomorrow, not just today.

What we do at NLX will reshape customer contact for the next decade. We want to make AI/ML approachable, simple, and intuitive to understand so anyone who has a business, small or large, can leverage our technology with minimal development to handle and simplify basic to complex customer self-service. Democratizing AI really excites me.”

Fadi reports to COO Doug Bryers, who says:

“Fadi’s seasoned leadership skills accompany a strong acumen and passion in process design and implementation, together with his experience in the management of large teams, will make a significant contribution to the development of NLX over the next few years and we are excited to have him on-board.”

He is the first of NLX’s Director level hires. Two more will be announced shortly.

Doug Bryers

As COO, Doug is responsible for business and marketing strategies as well as aligning NLX products with emerging market opportunities.

As a seasoned Executive, he has helped build companies and market innovative products and services for software and technology firms since 1995. Doug has participated in more than a dozen startups for US, New Zealand & Australia technology companies - successfully exiting to companies such as Intel, Sony Entertainment and Demand Media, as well as an IPO for DocuSign.

Doug loves being around compelling innovation that can spark change in the world and to create the teams that can help make it happen.

He holds a Business Degree in Marketing from the Queensland University of Technology.