“Hey Siri, book a massage” – NLX announces integration with Siri’s App Shortcuts

The latest integration within Conversations by NLX allows brands to drive user engagement through Siri’s App Shortcuts.

Andrei Papancea


NLX is excited to announce a new integration that allows brands to engage their customers in self-service experiences through Siri, one of the most widely-used and well-known digital AI assistants.

Siri is available to customers on more than one billion Apple devices around the globe. (1) The latest integration within Conversations by NLX allows brands to drive user engagement through Siri’s App Shortcuts, “a quick way to get one or more tasks done with your apps” per Apple. App Shortcuts are available on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Apple Watch to further engage customers wherever they are, on their device of choice.

This integration adds a new layer of customer centricity and accessibility, wiring your business into one of the most popular digital AI assistants. High-volume, business-critical use cases like rescheduling appointments, placing orders, or making special requests can now reach customers in a format they are already comfortable engaging with. This can all be done through any of the customer’s Siri-enabled devices where an App Shortcut was enabled by the business and set up by the customer. Watch a sample demo of how the experience works for end-users here and here

“One of the key strengths of this integration is the ability to manage the conversational experience for Siri App Shortcuts directly from within the NLX platform,” says NLX CEO and Chief Product Officer Andrei Papancea. “You’d otherwise have to write native OS code and have to redeploy on a regular basis if you want to make changes."

NLX’s no-code platform makes it easy for both technical and non-technical teams to build, manage, and analyze all automated conversations in one universal location. And if you’d rather take a hands-off approach our team can be deployed to build and support end-to-end experiences in collaboration with you. Plus, the new Siri App Shortcuts integration can be leveraged in combination with the same powerful Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine from NLX that supports rich multimodal interactions and integrates with Generative AI models like GPT-3.

If you’d like to learn more about the new Siri App Shortcuts integration, set up a meeting with NLX to discover how we can transform your customer experience.

(1) https://www.theverge.com/2022/1/28/22906071/apple-1-8-billion-active-devices-stats

Andrei Papancea

Andrei is our CEO and swiss-army knife for all things natural language-related.

He built the Natural Language Understanding platform for American Express, processing millions of conversations across AmEx’s main servicing channels.

As Director of Engineering, he deployed AWS across the business units of Argo Group, a publicly traded US company, and successfully passed the implementation through a technical audit (30+ AWS accounts managed).

He teaches graduate lectures on Cloud Computing and Big Data at Columbia University.

He holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University.