Platform Core

NLX Studio is a comprehensive build, manage and monitor platform for conversational applications.

With NLX Studio’s no-code UX, users leverage the NLX Engine to power best-in-class conversational AI applications that can integrate securely with any enterprise system. Organizations can deploy scalable and resilient conversational applications as cohesive, multi-channel solutions.

NLX Studio Conversation Tree


NLX has two purpose-built applications, Voice Insights and Voice Compass. Both are available by SaaS subscription licensing.

Voice Insights

Voice Insights Product

Voice Insights enables better understanding of 'human' calls and extends NLX Studio's analytics and reporting capabilities for contact centers.

NLX Studio's conversational applications can be informed by Voice Insights to drive increased automation and efficiency.

Voice Compass

Voice Compass Product

Voice Compass is a unique conversational application built using NLX Studio that delivers self-paced, voice-guided navigation across any channel.

Available anytime and anywhere, Voice Compass powers quality self-service interactions for end-users.