NLX's New Figma Plugin for Voice Compass

The NLX + Figma plugin empowers businesses to use Figma to design and set up the audial elements of a Voice Compass journey, removing lag time between journey creation and journey deployment.

We at NLX know that a good brand goes a long way - your brand is representative of the trust, loyalty, and satisfaction your customers have come to know and love you for! When engaging with your customers, you want it to look, sound, and feel like your brand. Simply put - The vibe needs to be right! 

With NLX’s new Figma plugin - currently in beta - nontechnical and technical users can easily set up the audial elements of their Voice Compass Journey using a design tool they already know and love. Importing Figma design data into Voice Compass is as easy as copying and pasting a few links! This cool new feature reduces lead production time and makes designing the customer conversational experience easier. 

To learn how to use the Figma plugin via the instructions below. If you have any questions about the plugin, please don’t hesitate to reach out here

Get NLX's Figma plugin instructions here.

Fun Fact: This plugin was built and launched by our amazing team of summer 2022 interns! (Read more about them here!)