Breaking Language Barriers with Conversations by NLX

By combining NLP and LLM power within Conversations by NLX, single-language conversational builders can both build multilingual conversations and analyze large sums of customer data in varying languages to determine conversation gaps and areas of improvement on a global scale.

In an increasingly self-service and round-the-clock customer support model, multilingual AI has gone from necessity to obligation. Since its launch in 2018, NLX has been equipped to support large-scale multilingual deployments across voice, chat, and multimodal formats. 

“Our platform’s ability to translate automated conversations in 65+ languages on the fly continues to wow our customers and me,” says Cassie Kamphaus, NLX Senior Customer Success Manager. “We also allow for live translations in real-time so that customers and agents can communicate in different languages. It’s inclusive, engaging, and removes barriers that could have potentially stopped a customer from interacting with your brand before.”

Focusing on high-quality translations has always been a priority for the team at NLX. Not only do global brands require it, but for our co-founders and a significant part of our team, English is a second language. This means when we build, we don’t build with an English-only mindset. Conversations are approached in a manner that’s flexible to multiple languages, locales, accents, etc., leading to better experiences for customers and more cost-effective growth for businesses. Gone are the days where only companies with tremendous resources can offer support to a worldwide audience.

Staying true to its no-code/low-code roots, the NLX platform’s translation capabilities are powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), which allows for seamless deployment of multi-language and multi-channel customer journeys. NLPs enable conversational AI to grasp human language intricacies, effectively transforming them into powerful agents capable of understanding and responding to customer utterances with finesse. 

In the age of generative AI, our capabilities are also expanding to engage Large Language Models (LLMs) as part of the process. By combining NLP and LLM power within Conversations by NLX, single-language conversational builders can analyze large sums of customer data in multiple languages to determine conversation gaps and areas of improvement on a global scale. The addition of the LLM enables further understanding of nuance at scale, so the difference between “My flight was canceled,” and “I want to cancel my flight” in multiple languages isn't lost.

Previously, this might have required a team of translators to work through conversations and determine where gaps existed. But adding LLMs into translation capabilities introduces efficiencies and prevents loss of nuance in language meaning all while empowering teams to be more global and build better conversations for a global customer base. The addition of LLMs aids in more empathetic responses and free-form text across languages. No longer are answers confined to canned responses - LLMs can personalize the conversation to fit the tone more aptly, again, leading to a better customer experience across languages. 

At the same time that LLMs power more freeform responses, NLX’s low-code platform offers guardrails - even in multiple languages - to ensure responses are confined to brand-approved responses. So even though the conversation might be more personalized, it still protects the brand from any harm.

With today’s interconnected world, effective communication involves transcending linguistic barriers. By bridging the focus on both high-quality translations and inclusivity, NLX offers real-time translation features for automated and live conversations, leading to more positive user engagement. The multilingual AI capabilities of the NLX platform results in better brand relationships with consumers, an increase in trust, and a preference for self-service options. By leveraging both NLP and LLM technology, NLX enables global conversational builders to analyze conversation data across multiple languages and ultimately lead to supporting more empathetic and resilient interactions.

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