NLX Studio is a SaaS product that allows you to centrally design and manage all aspects of your conversational applications, including conversation logic, training, authentication, analytics, and deployment across any channel.

With NLX Studio, you can minimize your time to market, easily integrate your existing systems, and deploy across any channel of interaction — all while staying in control of the experience.

NLX Studio, our flagship product, is a management layer for everything related to your conversational applications. Whether providing answers to simple queries or providing deep, contextual responses, NLX Studio applications have the power and flexibility to meet your unique demands.

NLX Studio integrates with the NLX Engine, a powerful and comprehensive Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine that can handle conversations of any complexity, across any channel, at scale.

NLX Studio
NLX Studio

Business Benefits

  • Augment your internal and external business processes with cost-effective automation.
  • Deliver positive market-defining experiences for your customers.
  • Sustain a multi-channel strategy while satisfying audit and compliance requirements.
NLX Studio Conversation Tree

What Our Customers Say

Key Capabilities

Personalize Content

Personalize unique response content for every user and every channel.

Design Code-Free

Build professional, immersive conversational experiences without programming.

Deploy Everywhere

Be wherever your users are and deploy to any channel of interaction, including voice.


Integrate seamlessly with your existing corporate systems and data sources.

Extend with Ease

Implement tailored use cases using our low-level APIs.

Secure Interactions

Achieve peace of mind by authenticating users in conversation, seamlessly and securely.


Free Tier

Core features and 1,000 conversations/month


Pro Tier

Pro features and 50,000 conversations/month

$5,000 monthly / $55,000 annual

Enterprise Tier

All enterprise features and custom platform limits.

Proof of Concept

Submit your request for a free Proof of Concept built using NLX Studio. Once you submit, one of our team members will review your request and get back to you with next steps.