Thoughts by Andrei

A series of candid thoughts from our CEO on NLX, startups, Conversational AI, and more.

When Consequential News Breaks, CEOs Need to Lead

A few years ago, CEOs were able to ignore the news cycle if the news didn’t directly relate to the business. That has changed.

Focus less on tech, more on the solutions it provides

Andrei speaks at the 2022 Project Voice Conference about what's working for NLX and where he sees the Conversational AI industry heading.

Tiger Teams

Tiger Teams can be helpful in quickly solution unplanned events, but there are some key guidelines NLX uses to ensure they continue to be effective.

Inside NLX's Transformative Business Model

We put the customer at the center of the equation and asked ourselves what works best for them - while also ensuring we could grow a viable business for ourselves.

Evolving titles & reporting structures

Not all shifts need to be monumental. After all, a one-degree change in direction can change your destination.

Four thoughts for our fourth birthday

It’s not a milestone birthday, but damn, turning four is still really cool. Here's my reflection on four things the market tells us that we got right at NLX.